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Kingsmen Coffee SDG

What Kingsmen Coffee really stands for?

One day we were having a cup of espresso and thinking about the problems humankind faces. Among the various problems such as poverty, gender equality, access to resources and industrialization, one thing stayed afloat to all the problems we could think of.

The fact that people are ignorant.

We believe that the fast paced world we are moving into, people are getting shallower and ignorant about anything and everything that doesn’t concern them directly. So we wanted to eradicate ignorance from people’s minds. And the way to do it was by making them more passionate. And how does one make someone more passionate?

One coffee at a time.
Hence Kingsmen Coffee is all about Changing the world, One coffee at a time.


Super Automatic Machine

Kingsmen Coffee Machine is a fully equipped super automatic machine which can make your favourite drinks at the touch of a button. Its a bean to cup machine which freshly grinds the beans.


Speciality Coffee

We grow, cure, grade, roast and blend coffee. Hence Kingsmen Coffee deals with the best of that India has. We also ensure our farmers get paid higher than the market standards contributing to their livelihood.



The Kingsmen themselves are people who have committed their entire career to coffee. The Kingsmen shall be fascinated to share their knowledge and experience with you over the workshops they host.


Coffee Tasting

Come, taste the vivid variety of coffee we have and understand how coffees differ from each other and what good coffee really feels like. Also learn the art of tasting and recognizing various flavour notes hidden in coffee.

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